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Large Classic Venice Chandelier 10 Lights and Up – MANIN

The unmistakeable classic Venetian lighting, reinterpreted by our glassmakers

Manin is an exquisite 10-light chandelier shaped from fumé glass with ruby red detailing. This piece takes a page out of classic Venetian style and merges it seamlessly with modern design: its structure is lightened from decorative excesses and leaves pure elegance, perfect for any type of home decor.
Its impressive size can fill a large room with luxury; the warm hue of its glass make the light cast onto your home a truly magical experience. Manin can turn any space into a fairytale palace, impossible not to be left breathless!
You can find the Manin chandelier only on Chandeliers & Lignting®! Contact us for more details.

Technical features:

  • Lights and colors

    10 upward-facing lights, also available in other number of light versions.
    Fumé glass, also available in other colour versions.
    Each chandelier has hundreds of customized shape, detail and color combinations, as shown in our digitally rendered images.

  • Size and weight

    Diameter: approx. 100cm across (39")
    Height: approx. 80cm tall (31")

  • Certifications and standards

    All our chandeliers are fully UL, CE and CSA certification compliant.
    Lights are equipped with E14 type bulb fitting; other coupling standards available upon request.

  • Customization

    In addition to the version currently online, this chandelier is available in many colour variations and different number of lights. Manin can also be customized with the size, shapes, detailing and lamp shades that best fit your needs, redesigning all elements to your requirements.

  • Support and installation

    Our experts are happy to assist you in choosing and designing the perfect chandelier for your needs. Our collection has been designed specifically for ease of installation; in any case, we will gladly supply you with all the assistance you may need in correctly installing your new chandelier.

  • Contents

    This chandelier will also be accompanied by:
    - Spare parts
    - Assembly instructions
    - Guarantee of Origin

Amber Modern Murano Glass Chandelier Manin

Spectacular Details

that make Original Murano Glass stand out from the rest
  • Murano Glass Chandelier Manin
  • Murano Glass Chandelier Manin
  • Murano Glass Chandelier Manin
  • Set bicchieri matrimonio
  • Amber Modern Murano Glass Chandelier Manin
  • Amber Modern Murano Glass Chandelier Manin
  • Amber Modern Murano Glass Chandelier Manin
  • Amber Murano Glass Chandelier Manin
  • Modern Murano Glass Chandelier Manin
Graphic Rendering services

Do you need graphic rendering of our chandeliers to include them in your design projects? Contact us and we will send you all the rendered images you may need. Each chandelier can be rendered in many images that illustrate its features, customizing colors and details according to your and your clients' requirements.

Each chandelier has hundreds of customized shape, detail and color combinations

Our philosophy

Excellence in our chandeliers and our services makes customer satisfaction our top priority. Our presence in Venice enables us to provide you with all the support you need in choosing the best solutions and realize your dreams.

Customer reviews

  • The packaging and delivery were excellent and the chandelier now hangs proudly in my foyer. Thank you so much for the care taken in both information and delivery about the item, I felt a very special customer.
    Murano Glass Chandeliers Customer review

    Cecilia Richards

  • Thank you very much for my beautiful new chandelier. I have already installed it and have received wonderful comments about its originality and craftsmanship! I am recommending your service to my friends and colleagues.
    Murano Glass Chandeliers Customer review

    Curtis Owens

  • Just received my chandelier and was very surprised at how quickly and easily it was installed! I was in Venice last year but did not have time to purchase any chandeliers, so I was excited to do so through your website.
    Murano Glass Chandeliers Customer review

    Aloin Plante

  • For your kindness through the ordering process to delivery, you have my sincere gratitude. I would not hesitate in recommending your company to anyone who is interested in craftsmanship, fine quality and a detail to service.
    Murano Glass Chandeliers Customer review

    Sara Phillips

  • Your staff made designing my custom piece pleasurable, and the transaction went so smoothly with all my questions answered. I wish to congratulate not only the artists who produce these amazing works of art but also your staff who offer excellent customer service.
    Murano Glass Chandeliers Customer review

    Rami Khaldoon Abboud

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Murano Glass Chandeliers

Just tell us height, width and length of your room and our experts will be able to define the perfect size of your new chandelier. 

For suggestions regarding the ideal style, shape or colour, simply send us a photo of your room or the project drawings. Our interior designers will help you choose your perfect decor solution.

And if you would like to visit us in Venice to drop by our furnace and take a look at your exclusive chandelier's creation, come on over: We'll be happy to welcome you here!

Frequently asked questions:

Can I customize size, colors and detailing?

Of course! All our chandeliers are fully customizable, from the number of lights to the shapes and details, with personalized dimensions and colors that fit your unique decor needs.

Are they easy to install?

Yes, in fact our entire lighting collection has been designed specifically with the online customer in mind, for ease of assembly and installation. Of course, you can always count on our expert team to support you in your every need.

What if I happen to break a piece?

All of our chandeliers are shipped with a few spare parts, just in case! We also designed these chandeliers especially for online purchasing, standardizing the fittings to ensure that replacement pieces can be produced quickly and easily.

What assistance can I count on?

Our expert team is dedicated to excellent customer care, from the first steps in designing and choosing your perfect chandelier all the way to secure delivery and assistance for installation, anywhere in the world.

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